2016/17 Fixtures

Happy Mondays

The AJ Bell National Badminton League makes a welcome return for its third season in October 2016 as seven teams, including two brand new sides - Bristol Jets and Suffolk Saxons - who will start their bid for title glory.

Each of the match-weeks sees a minimum of three fixtures taking place at different venues nationwide.

The full fixture list* for the 2016/17 season is:

Match-Week 1

(Fixtures to be played on 17 October 2016

1Surrey Smashers V 4Loughborough Lightning
4Birmingham Lions V 1Suffolk Saxons

Match-Week 2

(Fixtures to be played on 7 November 2016

0Team Derby V 0Bristol Jets
0Suffolk Saxons V 0Surrey Smashers
0University of Nottingham V 0Birmingham Lions

Match-Week 3

(Fixtures to be played on 28 November 2016

0Loughborough Lightning V 0Suffolk Saxons
0Team Derby V 0Birmingham Lions
0Surrey Smashers V 0University of Nottingham

Match-Week 4

(Fixtures to be played on 5-6 December 2016

0University of Nottingham V 0Team Derby
0Suffolk Saxons V 0Bristol Jets
0Birmingham Lions V 0Loughborough Lightning

Match-Week 5

(Fixtures to be played on 9 January 2017

0Bristol Jets V 0Birmingham Lions
0University of Nottingham V 0Loughborough Lightning
0Surrey Smashers V 0Team Derby

Match-Week 6

(Fixtures to be played on 23 January 2017

0Birmingham Lions V 0Surrey Smashers
0Team Derby V 0Suffolk Saxons
0Loughborough Lightning V 0Bristol Jets
0Bristol Jets V 0University of Nottingham **
** fixture arranged for 30 January 2017

Match-Week 7

(Fixtures to be played on 6 February 2017

0Suffolk Saxons V 0University of Nottingham
0Bristol Jets V 0Surrey Smashers
0Loughborough Lightning V 0Team Derby


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