What is the National Badminton League?

The NBL is the first ever professional national badminton league in the UK and gives fans a chance to get behind their favourite national players and brand new franchise teams each competing in league competition to be NBL champions. 

Will the NBL grow to include other teams in the future?

There will be seven franchise teams competing in the 2016./17 AJ Bell NBL season.  

Each of these teams were successful in putting themselves forward to help form the new NBL when an open invitation to apply to manage an NBL franchise was sent out nationwide.  Other teams who meet the necessary franchise and financial criteria will be welcome to join the NBL for future seasons.

How do teams pick their players?

Each NBL franchise team is required to have a minimum squad of 10 players.

All teams have bid for GB Performance Programme and Team England programme players in an auction format. 

Team England junior squad players, 'homegrown' players and non-federation players will also form part of team squads.  Non federation players will be limited to three players per team.
Teams can approach and sign overseas players within the non-federation rules, limited to three per team.

There is a minimum and maximum squad spend cap in place to ensure parity across the six teams. Each player has been allocated a starting price based upon their world ranking.

Who are considered 'Homegrown' players?

A number of teams in the NBL are associated to universities and, as such, can choose to offer squad places to emerging talent currently within their university student population or who form part of the University's existing badminton team.

Many of the UK's finest young badminton players are combining first class badminton competition with university study with or without funding or scholarships.

These players will qualify as 'homegrown' players.

How can Badminton England ensure the NBL will promote young British talent?

One of the objectives of the NBL is to grow and support English badminton talent.  This is achieved  by offering more opportunities for players to compete against the best talent in England and beyond.

There is a requirement for each team to include two players aged U21.  

There is also no limit to the number of U19 players each team can add to their 2014/15 season squad should they wish.  Some teams, such as Surrey Smashers, are running a Development Squad of rising young England talent who will benefit from being part of the professional NBL team set up.

How can I purchase tickets to watch teams play?

Tickets are available to purchase through the home team at each fixture - Click  HERE for ticket prices and availability for upcoming NBL matches.

Individual teams are responsible ticket allocation, provision of seating and ticket pricing for each match.

Where will AJ Bell NBL match-nights be held?

NBL matches will be staged on a Monday match-night, held each month at team venues, in a mixture of home and away fixtures. 

Each monthly Monday Match-night will feature a minimum of 2 matches, each with 2 teams competing for league points.
Teams are responsible for the hosting of match-nights in their venue.

The fixture list can be found hereand through Twitter at @NBL_official

Will NBL matches be shown on TV?

Yes.  On each of the six monthly match nights, one NBL match will be shown on BT Sport.

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