Match-night Format


The AJ Bell NBL is a gamechanger for the sport of badminton in the UK with a new match format, unique scoring system and dynamic in-play features that makes sure every minute of every match matters.

The seven franchise teams will face each other once over a regular season - in a mixture of home and away NBL fixtures.

At the end of the regular season, the top two placed teams in the league will contest the end of season Play-Off to determine the destination of the Championship trophy. 

An AJ Bell NBL match-night will feature a minimum of two fixtures played at different venues - with one enjoying TV coverage to allow fans nationwide to be captivated.

Each regular match-night fixture will see two teams compete in 5 events, each played to 'best of 5 games'

Teams bring a squad of 10 players to each match-night with a minimum of 6 guaranteed to take to the court to compete giving fans the chance to follow and support their favourite stars.

To showcase all the talent, give rising young stars the chance to emerge and make tactical team selection critical, only 2 players can 'double up' and play 2 events per match-night:

Men's Singles
Women's Singles
Men's Doubles
Women's Doubles
Mixed Doubles

Teams will each have min 2 substitute players on standby for every match-night.

The team that wins three out of the five events shall win the fixture.


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